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Events: BATSA 3

Some highlights from BATSA's third quarterly event held June 17, 2015:
Keynote address by Ed Nathanson of Red Pill Talent: A lot of great employer branding insights - and fun recruiting crowd selfies (one of his trademarks!) by and with Ed.
Sourcing Lifetime Achievement Award to Frank McCarthy: See the video produced by Marie Burns. Tributes were delivered in person by Chris Keller, Dani Monroe, Stan Straube and Elaine Varelas and remote ones from Frank Miklavic, Russ Whyte and Vanessa Williams.

Photos by Stan Straube: left: Frank's acceptance speech (typical joking stories included); right: Frank, Elaine, Stan.

Editor's note: What may not be clear from such a short video is that Frank McCarthy deserves to be known for both 1) his pioneering work in diversity recruiting (back in the 1970s when few Caucasian males were willing to risk placing people of color, gays, etc. -- "at considerable risk to himself" as Russ Whyte said in the video -- in companies that claimed to want such candidates but most corporate environments weren't nearly as friendly as they are now) and 2) his pioneering work at the same time in launching unbundled candidate sourcing services -- what in the '70s he called "databases of recruiting research" with candidates. Plus he literally wrote the first book on how to source in the '70s: "Mastering the Search Research Function". Many of the methods he described are still valid today -- we just have a few extra tools to do it with, thanks to the internet -- and the phone part hasn't changed that much (though dial-by-name voicemail systems are great when you have rigid gatekeepers)! It's amazing that we still have him around to learn from and benefit from his sourcing/recruiting talents. Learn more about Frank on his website.

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