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Jobs for Sourcers

BATSA photoDo you have a real job opening -- contract or full-time, on-site in a New England location or virtual -- for a dedicated sourcer, sourcing recruiter or recruitment marketer (and you're not just trolling to fill your CRM or ATS for future needs)?

Then you are welcome to share it with the BATSA community free of charge. This is your target audience!

We are working on a system to facilitate job postings, but in the meantime, you are welcome to post it on our Facebook group (posts are currently moderated, so it may not appear immediately).

Include as many details as possible to increase the chance you get the right applicants (and others can self-select themselves out!). BATSA will not filter or recommend applicants, so please include a direct application link or contact info for the corresponding hiring manager/recruiter with your posting.

Again, this is for jobs that are *primarily* sourcing roles. Full cycle recruiter positions will not be accepted. You can contact area groups like AOEP, Boston Recruiters Group, etc., for those roles.

For sourcing roles nationally, check out the free Facebook group started by Shawn Vallejos, Talent Sourcing Opportunities - US & Canada


Photo above: Keynoter Steve Levy presenting at BATSA event hosted at Constant Contact HQ, Waltham, MA, Apr. 7, 2015

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