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Events: BATSA 9 featuring Shally Steckerl

BATSA's ninth live physical event (plus live streaming) held September 19, 2019 featured the Godfather of Sourcing, Shally Steckerl, in his last Boston area appearance for the year, shared many insights about Google custom search engines, web scraping, data lead enriching and nurturing, effective candidate messaging and more in his presentation "The Sourcing System That Lets You Forget About Click Rates: CSE Building, Scraping, Enrichment, Engagement & Tracking".


Build your very own Google Custom Search Engine, download the data with one click, and use this intuitive lead nurturing plan to increase response rates, forget about click rates, and focus on replies.

Google custom search engines are an amazing way to focus and limit your searches to just the relevant databases. Just want to search Github, Stackoverflow, and Hacker News? Create a custom search engine for that! Trying to narrow down your focus on designers to just Behance and Dribbble. Just eliminate all the other websites and you’re in business.

  • A Google Custom Search can x-ray Linkedin, filtering the results based on the primary geographies where you are focusing your search.
  • Add "refinements" to build collections of websites and add extra keywords to your search automatically.
  • Create custom-saved search shortcuts that prompt for keywords, so you don't have to memorize Boolean and other syntax.
  • Be more productive with the Favorites and other toolbars.
  • Have fresh search engine results emailed to you daily or weekly.
  • Capture all your custom search engine results with one click directly into a spreadsheet you can import with any CRM.
  • Plan, prep and deliver breakthrough lead nurturing campaigns that cut through the noise to engage talent with minimum effort and maximum results. Reach record response rates with this infallible 7x7 plan and forget about click rates.

About Shally

Shally SteckerlShally Steckerl, a/k/a "Godfather of Sourcing" and CEO of The Sourcing Institute

Shally Steckerl is the Founder of The Sourcing Institute and The Sourcing Institute Foundation, and one of the originators of the talent sourcing discipline. With twenty-two years of recruiting experience, Mr. Steckerl has served as corporate sourcing leader for many Fortune 500 brands, like Microsoft, Google, Coca-Cola, Cisco, and Motorola, helping them efficiently find unfindable talent. He has advised recruiting leaders at over 300 organizations, like CH2M Hill, GE, Lockheed, and SourceRight, on how to successfully embed key sourcing initiatives into their current efforts, improve the performance of their existing sourcing teams, and establish sourcing functions from the ground up.

Mr. Steckerl is the author of both the industry standard textbook The Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Handbook (ISBN 978-1928734796), and his recently published book, The Sourcing Method (978-0-9998081-0-8). He has served as Adjunct Faculty at Temple University's Fox School of Business where he taught the first ever full-credit academic capstone course on recruitment, and also served at Brandman University. He is a regular speaker at HR leadership conferences around the world, and has been featured on NPR and the Wall Street Journal.

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