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Welcome to BATSA, the Boston Area Talent Sourcing Association! Everything we offer in terms of sourcing education is free (with the generous support of our sponsors, but they do not influence our content - see our mission statement). Come take advantage by attending our next event or by tapping other resources.

But keeping everything free also means we depend greatly on the time/effort of volunteers. Regardless of what level of industry expertise you have, if you want to help us take it to the next level, we highly encourage you to learn about the various ways you can get involved with our dynamic community of hundreds (so far!) of local, forward-thinking sourcers.

What people are saying about BATSA:

"What a great night it was! Thank you again Ed are a super star! YES...I'm a believer! (XO to The Monkees!) and I want to learn more!

Thank you also to Glenn G., Randy B., Marie B. and anyone else involved in putting the night together, plus must include Monster and Avature for another night of learning, networking and some yummy food too!

Icing on the cake was the opportunity to hear more about and see the famous Frank McCarthy, truly a living legend around around the topic of Diversity [talent sourcing]. I have heard about him for many years and was overwhelmed at the warm and wonderful introductory remarks by so many who have known him personally and professionally over the years! Really a spectacular individual! He was honored with a lifetime achievement award.

Anyway...just had to say thanks again here and suggest to those who wonder whether these BATSA gatherings are worth it. YES...OMGoodness...YES!!!!"

-- Mattie Schadt, from her post to the Boston Recruiters Group

BATSA photo
Photo: BATSA sourcing event featuring Steve Levy, the Recruiting Inferno, hosted at Constant Constant HQ, Waltham, MA, Apr. 7, 2015 (135+ people attending live from hundreds pre-registered!)

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